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Disney Movie Review Disney movies are extremely well known in the world; almost everyone around the globe has watched at least one of the productions by the Disney Company. Although many of the Disney films are taken from real historical accounts, some of them are misleading and inaccurate since the producers altered the actual histories. This has become a controversial practice: some people argue that changing the actual history is disrespectful; others think that the intention is acceptable. I believe that although reality might not be as perfect as the movies present, it is totally reasonable for the producers to alter the actual history into a more ”fantasized” story for a few positive purposes. The movie Pocahontas is a valid example of a story that departs different from the real historical event, and is justified in doing so.

In the movie, Pocahontas is a pretty young lady who is the daughter of the head of the tribe. Eventually her journey, Pocahontas meets a European settler called John Smith whom she falls in love with. Smith belongs to a group of Englishmen who are constantly seeking gold and destroying the nature and environment, which raisen the tension between the tribe of Pocahontas and the Englishmen. However, due to the love of this couple, the misunderstanding between the tribe and the Englishmen is solved. The film portrays in a romance that ends with a peaceful note. According to the real history account, however, many facts were being altered. For instance, Pocahontas was only an eleven-year-old girl while Smith was a twenty-eight year old man. As a result, although Pocahontas did save Smith from being killed, they did not fall in love with each other. Furthermore, the Englishmen were not as kind as they seem in the movie; rather, they were cruel, for they killed countless of people in the tribe and they destroyed nature.

Disney is associated by many with childhood and innocence childhood. Since most of the Disney films are designed for innocent children, they contain a lot of materials such as miracles and fantasies rather than the harsh facts. For example, in the movie Pocahontas, the brutal images of the Englishmen are not presented. This is not misleading; or, it may be