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MMG727 Budgeting and Finance For Non-Profit Managers

Fall exam


When I joined Cambridge college I looked at all the courses and after a careful carrier guidance ,I decided to take nonprofit and public administration. this was based on one of two reasons: my previous experience in working in social services on a voluntary basis for a long time which made me to have a strong attachment to it and the desire to explore deeply, thus developing the love for community welfare or services. But still I was not yet sure how this will serve both my personal and professional goals and requirements.

I had a challenge and I would say it is still pending not yet sure how this is going to be solved and that question I move along with it during the course of my stay and studies at Cambridge college. How am I going to make nonprofit as a concentration . secondly how am I going to make my personal vision to align with the professional vision. The answer I guess are ongoing and I am glad that through this class I have been able to at least look at the channels how I am going to get the answers.

In almost all the nonprofit organizations where I worked, Finance and budgeting was the number one reason that made either a positive contribution if those particular non profits performed well and failure if they never handled and planed well for their finance and budgeting. An example from the CBO community based organization, which I started with my three friends. we just had a vision to help the youth have skills to create and sustain themselves economically but we did not have the expertise neither the experience to make this dream actualized. we found several obstacles and at some point we were forced to give up on quite many things.

When I started this class my mind was just asking questions on what we did not do well and what we should have done. I had to put down resolutions and solutions for some of the problems which made us to have difficulties in operating and as I speak now a lot of amendments' have been made in our constitution to change ways how we used to operate to adopt to the new ways for the better running of this organization.

Actually it is hard to mention what I have leant because it is a lot and it is not the end