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ETH125 10/7/12

Final Paper

I have learned that the United States is very diverse in everything. Not just people, but culture and religion too. There are so many different cultures that live in the United States today it makes my head spin. I ride public transportation to work everyday and to see all the different cultures of people that ride the same thing is wondrous. I just sit back and listen to all the different things going on around me and think “Wow, I am in the “Melting Pot”, what a great place to be.” There are so many different religions and they all pray to a higher power, no matter whether it is Catholic, Baptist, Protestant, Buddhist or whatever; it is just fascinating to know that all of that is right here in MY world.

Learning something new about my own history is something that my family tree had a part in. I learned that I am a distant relative of the person that owned the land that Mount Vernon is built on. My distant relative sold the land to George Washington, so he could build his homestead. Family trees are amazing, I am sure if I dug a little deeper, I would find out that I am kin to Chief Dragging Canoe, the greatest Cherokee Chief in history. I know you think I am full of it but check this web site out.

In 2050, the United States will be just as it is now. (With the exception of flying vehicles and such) I am saying this because with the immigration laws as they are now, there will be less people that want to fight the red tape of today. Yes, they may be here illegally, but they are like that now. My point is; there will be no more or no fewer immigrants in the United States than there are today. Yes everyone wants to live in the “Land of the Free”, but when they get here they will realize it is not as free as advertised. Like I said we will be dealing with flying cars and what not. Who is going to work on those?

Challenges the United States face due to diversity is an everyday process. We have went to war, are still in a war over diversity. One culture did not like what our culture or many cultures was portraying and next you have a war. Many of which are really just because someone had an attitude that day and decided to start a fight. Get rid of the people with bad attitudes and life is that much better. Think positive and all is right with the world.

Benefits of a diverse society, for the people that want to learn… are that they can experience the different cultures in a safe environment. It’s all about learning from each other. I have always wondered; if you took all the people from the United States and put them in a bottle and shook them up, who would come out on top? I honestly could not answer that because there are too many cultures in the United States that I do not know about yet.

We can foster a climate of acceptance by leading the way. Show others that it is okay to be nice to someone from a different culture. It is okay to accept another person for who they are instead of there skin color or how they are dressed. Just because someone is different it does not mean they do not have the same feelings and thoughts that you do. We as people, parents, teachers, etc. need to teach others that just because people are different, does not mean that they need to be chastised for that. They are people also; disabled, different color, different religion or different culture, it does not matter. What really matters is the fact that they are people and have feelings too.

Oh the media…If it was not for the media we would all be oblivious to what is going on in the world. (Maybe it would be better that way.) An example of the media helping to fuel