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Dr.Chew explained that there are four factors that contribute to academic success which are minimizing distractions, maximizing focus, developing accurate metacognition, deep, appropriate processing of critical concepts and practicing retrieval and application. When I watched the videos "How to Get the Most out of Studying" I learned about a lot of ways I could get study better. In the video Dr. Chew explained that an ineffective skill to studying is to just memorize the facts which I find is true. In the past I thought this way of studying would help me but in reality in made me do terrible on tests. In high school I would memorize facts for test but in college teachers expect you to know more than just facts or definitions, they expect you to be able to apply it to different situations and even compare it to other facts. I now know that using this skill in college would not be beneficial at all. One thing that I learned from watching Dr.Chew’s videos was that one of the study strategy he talked about that would make me process information deeply is question generation. Question generation is when you generate questions for yourself after reading a chapter in a book. This will help me in college because after I read a chapter in a text book I can ask myself questions and see if I am actually understanding the material I’m reading or if it’s all going over my head. I can decide whether or not I need to reread some of the chapter so I could understand the chapter better. I believe this skill will serve me well in understanding the information in chapters. Some things that I found were my academic strengths were that I am good at critically thinking and good at time management. I’m good at motivating myself to work on assignments ahead of time. I make sure to plan out how long I’m going to work on assignments without interruptions. I also make a list of priorities of what assignments I need to get done first. One of the major things I’ve noticed I need to improve in would be asking questions when I need help or I’m struggling with an assignment. I am too shy to ask my professor questions because I am afraid that that professor is too busy or would think my questions is “stupid” and that I should understand the assignment. I need to become more confident and put my education above my fear of being thoughts of as “stupid”. Another thing I need to improve on to succeed in college would be to read the books that I am given in the class. It’s hard to read the book after I have took notes on the lecture because I always think that my professor has already gone over the information so why should I reread information that I already know. I know that reading the book is important because some information the professor does not have time to go over but still expects you to know. One lesson that I think that would be of particular importance to me as I pursue college was the way to highlight which is you have make sure to read the whole text and be selective when highlighting. Highlighting is based on its importance and how it relates to the rest of the information. I find this important because in every class you are expected