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Part 1
Problem statement
How do social media influence young female’s purchasing behavior on beauty products?
With the improvement of people’s living level, more new communicated tools have appeared in business market and customers daily life. Social media, such Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram has played a very important role in business promotion markets. From my observation, more and more people choose to online shopping instead of going to the store. In beauty products markets, customers’ purchasing behavior may be influenced by the word of mouth, magazine and online information. In another aspect, more beauty company put more efforts on the online advertisement and social media strategy. Customers are now using computer and mobile more frequently than before, so it provides more opportunity for business to attract their audience.
There are two components of problem statement. Social media in this problem statement refers to the tool can be used to learn information about beauty products, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, E-mail, Blog. There many aspects of beauty products’ information may influence customers’ purchasing behavior. Traditional tool for the advertisements includes paper magazine, word of mouth(Friends and family recommendation ), in store experience, Radio, Television which are still have the influence on customers behavior.

Literature review
According to collect the various literatures, most of the literature describe the important influential role of the social media on beauty products. Most of the literature all admit the crucial influence that social media has brought into the beauty products industry for the recent years.
Based on the social culture trends, consumers who are interested in the beauty products are always showing their interested and the frequency to visit the different social media platforms in order to collect information. Since the various literatures are using the different brands’ case studies, they indicates that how social media works in the beauty products’ industry and how customers’ attitude to this way. Generally, social media plays a huge role. The number one influence on beauty consumers in every market around the world is advice from friends. With social media, not only are they able to get timely brand information from brands, but also all of the validation form authorities and friends. In the case of Estee lauder, for the company, they are increasing the marketing strategy on social media to promote their products. They found that the social media can help them to increase the engagements from customers. In addition, they use the different social media’s platform in different countries to attract customers online. Moreover, some reports reveals that people are increasingly online to search information before they purchase the beauty products. In 2010, L’Oreal-ownd Lancome signed up YouTube blogger Michelle Phan as its first Video make-up first. Two years on the Phan/Lancome partnership remains of of the most successful digital partnerships in the industry, with Phan’s Youtube channel boasting over 2.1 million subscribers, demonstrating the power of such a plat form and how lucrative it can be for cosmetics firm. (Proven platform for cosmetics) By describing the how the platforms successfully influence consumers’ behavior, such as YouTube, bloggers or twitters’ share link, it can prove social media do have the great influence on consumers’ attitude to purchase beauty products in different platforms and collect the information before they decide to purchase beauty products.
In terms of social media, they already build the relationship with consumers for the recent years. Alexandra Richmond, Senior Social Media and Lifestyles Analyst at Mintel, reports that: “Social networks have established themselves as integral to the consumer’s digital experience. They not only enrich the brand experience, but also help to integrate real-world