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Behind the Scenes: Human Trafficking
Erica Gray
December 22nd, 2014
Angela J. Robles
Behind the Scenes: Human Trafficking
Even though it may be difficult to understand the full of process of human trafficking because of the lack of documentation and how the problem is worldwide. More attention needs to be on the topic of Human Trafficking in the US because most if it is happening behind closed doors and little is known to the general public. People also believe only human trafficking is sex trafficking, which is untrue. Behind the history, abuse, and exploitation, there is a gigantic world of going on behind the real world we live in each day. As you will read, there are many facts this type of life is happening, but there are also many facts of why we do know anything about the real types of human trafficking
The history and information behind Human Trafficking can be very vast. There is a rich history of slavery in America beginning in 1619 with both White and African slaves being imported to Virginia (Logan, Walker, & Hunt, 2009). In this time period, slaves were treated harshly. However compared to Human Trafficking today, a slave had more value than today’s time. Human Trafficking is known to take place, but for the most part it is considered a covert society. Because of the lack of documented information for the person being trafficked, they technically have no existence. With the lack of existence, these persons are then forced to commit illegal activities, such as prostitution, as a slave type act for their owners.
Physical abuse is another type of control involved with Human Trafficking. The person being trafficked can be sexually and physically beaten on a daily basis. With the beatings, the owner become more in control by terrifying their property. The individuals are taught to hide the evidence of the abuse and not talk about it. Not only will a person have these physical scars, but this can create great psychological damage too. The person being trafficked has no self-confidence and has been told there is no one who loves them. They will begin to believe what they are being told and won’t make any attempts to escape their captures – purely because of fear.
Outside of the abuse, the trafficked individuals have their labor skills exploited and even be involved in sex exploitation. Trafficked individuals who are kept for their labor skills, are less known about because it could shut down an underground factory. Under the worst circumstances, the individuals work long hours with very little pay. Most people