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Labor-Management relationships Case # 1: Management campaigns and Union organizing at KCOM-KOCH Medical, Inc. Question 1(a) The strategy that KCOM-KOHC utilized in dealing with labor’s attempt to unionize was closely associated with the union substitution model. Communications strategy: to improve communication between top management, middle management and employees. Wage survey strategy: undertook a wage survey study to improve the company’s compensation plan. Retained a Labor relations Law firm: The firm had previous experience in antiunion tactics. Conducted interviews to determine how the supervisors and managers felt about the union campaign. Identify what they felt were the key issues to * Use the information …show more content…
The effectiveness of Propco’s program for increasing diversity of its work force seem to not be effective at all, according to Steven H; an African-American division manager : * He expects the already dismal numbers of black salaried workers to drop after the next round of layoffs. * Propco’s culture is one of institutional racism * Blacks at Propco don’t have a support network * It is difficult for black employees to take additional training and education classes that would assist in making them more competitive. * A black employee was demoted back to an hourly employee after working his way up to a salaried manufacturing engineer position when his mentor left prompting him to leave * Propco contends it can find qualified minority candidates to fill their positions * Propco has a summer internship program for minority college students * Their grade point averages are solid B’s and none of them are hired on permanently with the company even though they get superior ratings on their summer performance.

Case #4. Diversity in the workplace 13. To improve Propco’s effectiveness of its efforts to increase workforce diversity there are several steps that can be taken. Even though the company participates