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Developing a Counseling Plan
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Developing a Counseling Plan
The topic of my paper is Developing a Counseling Plan. My client is Jeffrey
Dahmer. The theory I selected was the Jungian Analytical Theory. The plan I have for my client is for him to effectively find himself and deal with any issues that may arise that may deem impossible for him to handle. He will be able to face any fears and habe will come to terms with any past experience or experiences that are affecting his present.
He will regain his self worth and confidence. My research for this project consisted of five scholarly sources as well as information from texts we’ve covered throughout this course. Case Study Jeffrey Dahmer was born May 21, 1960 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Lionel and
Joyce Dahmer.
Jeffrey’s issue is that he fantasizes about having sex with younger boys and feels that abandoned. From the young age of four, Jeffery always thought it was cool to kill things. His father on many occasions found dead animals that Jeffrey had dismembered, killed and buried.
Jeffrey stayed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with parents while growing up. He was a very happy child and wanted for nothing growing up but after a hernia surgery at the age of six his behavior took a turn for the worse(Dahmer, 2014). A career opportunity for his father, around the same time, resulted in the family moving from Iowa to Ohio, and the



boy's insecurities deepened. By his early teens, he was disengaged, tense and largely friendless. Dahmer claims that his compulsions to necrophilia and murder began at the age of 14, but it appears that the breakdown of his parents' marriage, their acrimonious divorce and the psychological stresses associated with these events may have been the catalyst for turning these earlier thoughts into actions(Dahmer, 2014). The fact that his parents divorced and his father was never there he felt no one cared. He had a drinking problem which cause his father to send him to live with his grandmother and caused him to drop out of college and later on be discharged from the army.

Current Living and Work Environment
Jeffrey is currently deceased and was killed by an inmate in prison on November 28,
1994. He was beaten with a bar and suffered severe head trauma which eventually caused his death.
Physical Appearance, Mood, and Demeanor
Jeffrey did not fit the appearance of a serial killer. He did not possess the traits of serial killers. His moods normal up until he had surgery and his mood and demeanor begin to change. He was always interested in carcasses and bones which his rather thought was strange but him being a child he just figured it was just some weird attraction he had and that he would grow out of it. He never really showed emotion as a child and nothing really ever seemed to bother him and if it did, no one ever knew.
Counseling Plan



Conceptualization My client struggles with abandoned and the need to be in control. He fantasizes about having sex with other males much younger than him and also wants to drug them. He enjoys the fact of being in control, it gives him a sense of relief and makes him feel powerful. He endured a minor surgery at a young age which cause him to began acting different. He remembers day dreaming about sex with other males and what it would be like to drug them and how helpless they will be after being drugged. He has never felt he was in a stabilized place in life because his parents divorced which caused more feelings of abandonment and his drinking problem only added fuel to the fire.
Counseling Goals According to Capuzzi & Gross(2011) Jung believed that healing the mind was like curing the soul, and that the relationship between the therapist and the client is similar to the