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1. What impact did the development of bronze metallurgy have on the development of ancient civilizations?

The technology of bronze is first developed in the Middle East. Bronze is in use in Sumer, at Ur, in around 2800 BC, and in Anatolia shortly afterwards. It then spreads spasmodically. It appears in the Indus valley in about 2500 BC, and progresses westwards through Europe from about 2000. At much the same time it is found in crude form in China, where it later achieves an unprecedented level of sophistication. From about 1500 BC the Shang dynasty produces bronze objects of exceptional brilliance. The impact that the bronze production had on the developement of ancient civilizatins is increasing demand on the metal trade in the Bronze Age; tin is required to produce tin bronze, therefore a much needed improvement and development of trade networks were required to tin is required acquire this rare and expensive metal.

In all these regions it is the rulers who use bronze, as a luxury for themselves or as a weapon for their armies. Owning bronze was a sign of the elite or high authority. For ordinary people the Stone Age survives well into the Bronze Age. As the most valuable of commodities (in addition to being compact and easily portable), metals are a great incentive to trade. The extensive deposits of copper on Cyprus bring the island much wealth from about 3000 BC.

The conception of Bronze metallurgy started the bronze age. The Bronze Age in the ancient Near East began with the rise of Sumer in the 4th