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Stress & Conflict

Due to the fact that Bell Canada is part of an Oligopolistic market system, which is controlled by a small group of firms, their employee must face stressors that have the potential to induce stress. Working with quotas and under commission pushes them to outperform goals set for them by the company. However, the industry faces environmental events or conditions such as dead seasons that have potential to induce stress, which may be from the person's personality or from the organizational level1. People with external locus of control, high negative affectivity and type A behaviour pattern may have more negative reactions when handling stress than others.2

Stress destroys company morale, which causes employees to lose interest in providing the best service or product possible. A reduce level of loyalty impacts your customers because they no longer receive the same level of customer service they used to receive. This can cost you customers.

To reduce or eliminate stressors, several recommendations are provided by Johns & Saks 3:
Job redesign
‘’Family-Friendly’’ human resource policies
Stress management programs
Work-life balance, fitness and wellness programs

In this case, job redesign could be highly recommended. In theory, it is possible to redesign jobs anywhere in the organization to this end. It has been stated that working as a team decreases the level of stress so by transferring the ownership of the problem, you’re more likely to resolve it.…