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Nya Mitchell
Willa Menefee
06 Jun. 2014
My First Job
Everyone has had their first job experience, but the first is always unforgettable. On August 10, 2013, I started working at Pristine Wedding Chapel as a waitress. That morning I woke up to my alarm going off at 8:00am I excitedly got up and got dressed then sat down to eat breakfast. On the way there, I felt myself getting tense. Once we started to get closer to the building, I started to get nervous, as I thought about all things I would be doing that day I got even more anxious.
When we pulled up to the parking lot, I was a little hesitant to get out the car, but once I did I told my mom good-bye then I went inside. When I got inside the building, I was greeted by Mr.Kabo, who interviewed me, a few weeks before. After we talked for a few minutes, he introduces me to my co-workers and a girl who was going to be my trainer. Kayla was the girl who was my co-worker and my trainer. She was really nice showing me around and telling me how things work. The number-one thing she showed me how to do was how to decorate the tables for the wedding. I was doing well for my first day on the job. Once I was done fixing up the tables, she checked and made sure everything was arranged nice and neatly before we moved on to the next activity. Kayla then told me to come in the kitchen to help prepare the food and also help the chef if he needed anything. When the food was prepared, we took it inside the reception hall, and started to get prepared for the guest to come in. When the guest arrived, my trainer Kayla told me that we had to help them find their table number; In addition, I also had to serve them their drinks. After that was done, we waited until the bride, and groom