What Is One Important Issue And Injury In This Country

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What is one important issue/injury in this country? Why is this problem so difficult to solve?

An issue that is so difficult to solve in the country is money because people struggle everyday with money just to get the things they want. Them not being able to get the money they want they just go through a lot of heat and a lot of problems. Getting a job is easy for them but looking for a job is easy for some people but not for all people. It takes a lot time and a lot motivation. If you want it to get one and provide with your own money you have to go out and search and look for jobs that are available, it’s not going to come to you, you have to go after until you get it. Don’t give up, keep going. Never stop until you achieve at it. Jobs are very easy to go after, because a lot of companies are hiring, looking for more employees. So meaning by that, anybody from the ages starting at 18 can go and apply for the job it just take the time to go and fill out the application, it only takes about 15-20minutes to fill it out depending on what job the is for. Being lazy and grouchy isn’t going to go well for the job or when it comes to applying, you have to have confidence and have happiness. Just show life and support for the job or you’re not going to have the proud to proceed for the job. But mainly it can be very difficult for anybody to not get a job if they don’t have a GED or a high school diploma or be 18 years of old, you don’t have no of them that apply you can’t get a job nowhere. Times are rough right now especially for the economy because the economy is lousy and many companies are cutting back on the number of employees they can hire, just asks around at local stores and restaurants and you may get hire some where. Also some jobs are looking for a person who has some kind of experience if you don’t have no kind of experience you won’t get hired. Some companies don’t want to train somebody for the job if they don’t have any type of experience, at least no some type of experience. That’s wasting extra time when they can get you