Football: American Football and Player Essay

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Football is one of the most respected and played sports among people. Its audience consists of all ranges of ages; young, adult and elder people are fan of this sport. Although this sport has followers from all range of ages, football players have age restriction during the selection of the teams no matter what the circumstance or situation of the player is. According to NCAA and NFL a football player early stage towards professionalism is when he or she starts college. Moreover, the period of player at college during the freshmen years considered as amateur player. This is the age of 18 and over. In other words, a person whose age is not reached 18 is disallowed to play as professional. However, if the player is allowed to play as not-amateur, then he or she will more likely benefit for himself and for community from three aspects of life. These three aspects are Health, Time and Money. A player who starts playing at young ages is more likely trains himself or herself a lot because professionalism in sport is not earned as if he or she was born gifted. It must be earned through training. The process of spending certain time of life as running, jogging, and some exercise will make that person physically strong. Being physically strong will bring make the person healthy. He or she will have healthy body. Second, a player who has been selected as football player will be moved towards the carrier. One step ahead to carrier will save a lot of time for a person because he or she does not have to do repetitive things again. For instance, if a player is physically strong enough to play as professional and mentally in good condition then that is an opportunity for him or her for building up a carrier. So, a player who is selected in a team at the age below 18 will be successful in life because of the time saved. Finally, a play who starts carrier at early stages means that he or she started making some cash. In other words, a player will start earning money. By earning money he will not depend on his/her parents’