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01/12/2013 Film Questions
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A Philip Randolph: For Jobs and Freedom Film Notes

1. What do you think the film maker is trying to say?

I feel that the main point that the film maker is trying to make, is that had it not been for the leadership and determination Randolph, the social gains realized by the civil rights movement would not have been possible.

2. What is particularly significant about Randolph?

I feel that there were many things about Randolph that were of particular significance:

He was willing to lead his battle for social equality into view of the public eye and openly challenge and require political leaders act.

Furthermore, he his belief that civil rights and economic justice (labor) were inter-reliant and therefore his position was that one could not truly be successful without also considering the other. This was evident in his reaction to the Negro American Labor Council.

3. Is this “African American History, Labor History, or something else?

Where the film indeed contains aspects of African American and Labor History, I believe in a larger sense it speaks to the history of Civil Rights, which embodies elements of both.

4. Pair up with a partner and write a short annotation of the film: The title, year, producer/director, summary, and types of evidence offered.

A. Philip Randolph: For Jobs and Freedom, WETA-TV, produced by Dante J. James and written by Juan Williams and Dante J.