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Free public Wi-Fi Almost everyone has some kind of smart device and even businesses are offering free Wi-Fi to their customers. The logic behind cities getting free Wi-Fi is that they have to pick a provider, and since this is a new idea, the provider might not have to right stuff to give the city good Internet. A good internet speed is around 9 Mbps. Most cities that have free city Wi-Fi are only getting around one Mbps, which is close to dial up. Trust me, its sucks.
Free Wi-Fi is a good thing because then workers stuck at desks all day can now work on the go, and neighborhoods that can’t afford Wi-Fi can now get it free. This can help children that don’t have the access to Internet get their homework finished. They don’t have to rely on going to the library to finish their work. And the utility companies will have to get involved too. Why? Because there are antennas that go on electrical poles that give off Wi-Fi.
Another worry is the lack of privacy this kind of Wi-Fi can have. The company of the Wi-Fi has the tools to see everything you click and every page you get on. Which is an evasion of your privacy. And you also have to worry about people hacking your devices over the public Wi-Fi. That can cause legal issues.
Free Wi-Fi is actually not free. The taxpayers will be buying it. This can increase their taxes because it can cost billions of dollars to get this going. Some places this has been implemented. Philadelphia the