Essay on Freedom for all

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James Madison and Thomas Jefferson both wrote both important documents for a main purpose – freedom. In the “Declaration of Independence” Jefferson writing is brief, clear, concise and simple in order to not only point readers towards a favorable view of America but preparing them for the rest of the document which tries to convince and justify their independence from Great Britain. This document was divided into three parts – a simple statement of intent, a list of grievances, and a concluding paragraph which officially dissolves ties with Britain. Throughout this document we can see Jefferson’s use of periodique style, where the sense on all sentences are hanging to one another and isn’t brought up until the end. Also, the indictment of George III or list of grievances reflects the use of anaphora effectively, so that the reader gets the impression of the collection of charges – “He has refused his assent to laws…, He has forbidden his governor to pass laws…, Her has refused to pass other laws...”, But is the use of vilifying verbs and choice of words what arouse the emotion of the reader or audience.

On the other hand, the “Bill of Rights” instead of being an accusation it’s a document that limits the power of a government, but has the same goal – to attain freedow. Although the document lists the ammendments, the tone is informing,straight forward and demanding – which reflects in the 5th amendment. Which provisions concerning prosecution and with the purpose of