Which Colony Allowed Freedom Of Religion To All Christians?

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Exam #2
Test question #8: Which colony allowed freedom of religion to all Christians?
Rhode Island

Pg. 43 top paragraph in our text book states, "Although committed Anglicans themselves, the proprietors guaranteed religious freedom to all Christian faiths." This is under the category of "The Carolinas". However, Carolina is not an answer choice. I selected Rhode Island because of page 43 that states, " For a time, Rhode Island was the only colony in which all faiths (including Judaism) could worship without interference". I later found that yahoo states the answer is Maryland, however I cannot find that in our text book.

Test question #15: Carribean colonies built their economies on?
The slave trade shipbuilding export crops fishing rum running and piracy
I selected The slave trade, but in retrospect I think the answer they are looking for is export crops. My argument about that is there was only one real crop: sugar. Not crops. I thought this to be a trick answer as the book states on page 47 that they attempted tobacco and cotton but were unsuccessful. All other exports like rum came from the sugarcane. My thought was without the slaves to work the fields they wouldn't have had the success they had with the sugarcane. Pg 47 last paragraph, " On Barbados and other islands where a flourishing sugar economy developed, the English planters were a tough, aggressive, ambitious breed. Since their livelihoods depended on their workforces, they expanded and solidified the system of African slavery there remakably quickly. By the late seventeenth century, there were four times as many African slaves as there were white settlers".

Test Question #2: One of the biggest problems during the first