Freedom: United States and Freedom Essay

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Freedom Having the right to say whatever you want is extremely important in this society, maybe even the most important right of all. Imagine not being able to say what you think. The government would completely pulverize our identity and we would not even make an impact in the world. We would just be there. Like I had stated before, great men and women have spoken out and have made great changes. Whether it be speaking out against the government or introducing a new theory, this would not be possible without our freedom of speech.
Another very important right that we have is freedom of religion. Go to any state in the United States or any country in the world and I guarantee you, you will at least 5 different religions. This all because we have to freedom to believe in anything and anyone we want. This is even one of the reasons why the colonist migrated here. They wanted to have the freedom to believe in what they wanted. Without this right I honestly could not tell you what would happen. If Christian Catholic was not the designated religion then there wouldn’t be a LaSalle. Luckily, we do have the freedom to believe in what we want. Lastly, a freedom that I am extremely grateful for is the right to do whatever you want. Although there are some restrictions, they are for safety reasons and not too many people would want to do them anyway. Hold up the phone modufucka, I got dat yolo sweg rn. What I am talking about is the freedom to go and do almost anything you want. When I grow up, if I get tired of United States, I could always go to a different county. If I felt like taking a vacation, I could take a vacation. Also, similar to this I could do