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Freedom Writers Book Review

The Freedom Writers Diary has amazing, mind boggling, and heart touching journal entries. This collection of journals was brought together by Erin Gruwell, an English teacher in Wilson High School, who wants to learn more about her students. She decided to let them express their lives by writing. Writing diary entries helped them have someone to talk to when they felt like they are lost in the middle of their society. I have also noticed that some of them grew out of their problems by doing these entries. From joining the Freedom Writers, they have a second family at school. When everything is not right at home, they will always have a second family who are willing to support them. Journal number 52 specified on how this person is falling apart because they were faced to be apart from Ms. Gruwell’s class next year. This person has trusted Ms. Gruwell so much that they have adopted Ms. Gruwell and the rest of the Freedom Writers as their family. They want to stick with the same people and stay with Ms. Gruwell because this person have trusted this community and they felt welcomed in there. This person did not want to be apart from this community because they felt like the other teachers are trying to stop them from making a difference in their society. “These teachers can’t break our chain, we are linked, not by our hands, but by our hearts and we will always be together” They have been knotted by hearts. It is really heart to break a heart to heart bond. No matter how far they are apart, they would still feel that love who has linked them together. I highly suggest this book because I feel we can really connect to what the writers are feeling. Being