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Bethani Edmondson
Mrs. Rothermel
English 10
Cause and Effects of Premarital Sex Having sex is something everyone has the choice to do. Whether or not you choose to do it is what path you take. Being unmarried and having sex is the wrong path. Having sex was to be a sacred thing for two people who were in love and married. Now nearly 89 percent of births were from unmarried couples. About 82 percent of pregnancies are unplanned. The statistics show that the result of an “unplanned” baby, 14 percent ended in miscarriage, 26 percent ended in abortion and 59 percent ended in live birth. (Teen pregnancy statistics,1) There are many causes of why births are so high, but the most evidential appears to be the peer pressure of “jumping on the bandwagon”. The first and most important cause is peer pressure to be sexually active. Another cause is not using protection. If teens are going to have sex, they should use protection. Over half or 53 percent show that a condom is not used. When a condom is not used, the effect of that is a pregnancy can occur. (National Health statistics,2)
Not only can a pregnancy be the result of premarital sex, but there is the possibility of an STD (sexually transmitted disease). Each year one-quarter of the estimated 12 million new cases of STDs occur among teenagers in the United States. Adolescents fifteen to nineteen years old have some of the highest reported rates of gonorrhea and chlamydia among sexually active people. The effect of getting a sexually transmitted disease is that there is the shame of living with that. Also if this person continues to have sex with others, he/she who has the STD can spread it to another person. All these reason show why premarital sex is not the right thing. (STD Statistics,1)
Next to branch off of the effect that a woman could be pregnant from having premarital sex, a cause for a baby not having a good life is that the father being a teen might not always stay in the life of a child. Statistics show that one out of three children live in father absent homes. Children in father-absent homes are almost four times more likely to be poor. So many children in America today grow up without a father leaving so many children wondering why their daddy was not there. Some children end up getting adopted or being left with an orphanage. Statistics say that ten percent of unmarried women give their children up for adoption. (adoption Statistics,1) Another effect of having premarital sex and an unplanned baby is the option