Essay about Gang and Organized Crime

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Slater Howell
SOC 201
4 Characteristics of Organized Crime

There are many characteristics of organized crime, but I will be analyzing 4 characteristics in particular. The characteristics I chose are the goals of the crime, the type crime, the supplies within the crime and the punishment. Most of these characteristics are essential in the organization of Mob crimes.
The goal of organized crime is most importantly to make money and provide for your family. Other goals include gaining a sense of pride and respect within the family. Protection is another important goal because on the streets it is hard to stay alive when you are on your own. Being a part of an organized crime brings some people the feeling of being powerful.
The types of the organized crimes vary depending on the group or gang. Stealing/robbery are the most common crimes going on right now. Other types include murder, selling drugs, and smuggling drugs. Most of the crimes that occur are usually enforced by weapons which leads to somebody being shot. There are many types of crimes that occur within organized groups that endanger many lives.
Organized crime groups think about the reward of committing a crime and not the consequences. One consequence of these crimes is that you will be demoted within the group and looked down upon because you failed to complete the crime. Another consequence is that you will be put in prison for a long time depending on the crime committed.…