Gatsby Chapter 4 Essay

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Write about some of the ways Fitzgerald tells the story in Chapter 4 of The Great Gatsby

The chapter opens with Nick hearing more rumours about Gatsby and that “he killed a man once”. This adds to the reader suspicion of Gatsby and where he got his money; it is still not been revealed, however it foreshadows Gatsby’s criminal connections with Wolfsheim who has been involved in murders. Fitzgerald uses this to show the corruption within the upper class in the 20’s when it came to wealth and riches. It also makes clear that people are only using Gatsby for his status and wealth, they know nothing about Gatsby apart from the idle gossip again indicating the corruption of the upper class. Fitzgerald makes very clear Nicks point of view in this chapter and we start to see Nick looking through Gatsby’s façade. When talking about his past, Nick picks up on the fact Gatsby “hurried the phrase ‘educated and Oxford’” and is unconvinced by Gatsby story, which hints at the lies Gatsby has told about his criminal connections. Nick also mentions that Gatsby “looked at me sideways” suggesting the Gatsby isn’t very convincing as he can’t look Nick in the eye, again hinting at Gatsby not being honest about his past and criminal connections. This adds to Fitzgerald’s idea of appearance vs. reality in the 20’s and how not everything is as you first see them, again hinting at Gatsby whole façade. Nick appears to have succumb to the temptations of New York and “it’s promise of all the mystery and the beauty of the world”. Nick at this point is very biased towards New York which juxtaposes his view on New York in the last chapter, revealing Fitzgerald’s idea of corruption in the 20’s and also appearance vs. reality – the dazzling view Nick had of New York fell away as Gatsby façade also fell away, which makes clear the impacts Gatsby had on Nick. When we meet Wolfsheim, it becomes clear that there are links to a criminal and dangerous past of Gatsby’s and their interaction make Nick question Gatsby’s truthfulness. When