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Short Answer Study Guide Notes:
Chapter 1:
1. He says Gatsby had an extraordinary gift for hope, a romantic readiness such as he had never found in another person.
2. He came from the mid-west to learn the bond business.
3. The house is very average, middle-class. It is nothing extraordinary like his neighbors' houses. It is small and sort-of stuck in between the mansions, as if it had been overlooked. 4. The Buchanan house is a contrast of red, white and gold: The house style and location is an obvious representation of wealth
5. Nick knows Daisy because they are cousins, they are second cousins once removed. Nick knew Tom when they were in college together at Yale.
6. He was a sturdy, straw haired man of thirty with a rather hard mouth and a supercilious manner. two shining, arrogant eyes had established dominance over his face and gave him the appearance of always leaning aggressively forward
7. Gatsby was romantic with lots of hope, something gorgeous about him, a romantic readiness.
8. Tom's got some woman in New York
9. Daisy tells Nick that she hopes her daughter will grow up to be a beautiful fool
10. Gatsby is introduced as a wealthy and mysterious man

Chapter 2:
1. The valley is a place of failure. It represents the place for the helpless. The Valley of Ashes is a massive trash dump. The rotting valley represents the rotting American dream. Tom, Daisy, and Jordan, with their endless socials and superficial lives represent how material excess rots their very souls
2. They’re on a billboard, an ad for an eye doctor.
3. He took him to meet His girl that he is having an affair with. Myrtle.
4. George and Myrtle Wilson are the only named tenants of the place between the Eggs and Manhattan.
Myrtle Wilson - Tom’s lover, whose lifeless husband George owns a run-down garage in the valley of ashes. Myrtle herself possesses a fierce vitality and desperately looks for a way to improve her situation. Unfortunately for her, she chooses Tom, who treats her as a mere object of his desire.
George Wilson - Myrtle’s husband, the lifeless, exhausted owner of a run-down auto shop at the edge of the valley of ashes. George loves and idealizes Myrtle, and is devastated by her affair with Tom. George is consumed with grief when Myrtle is killed. George is comparable to Gatsby in that both are dreamers and both are ruined by their unrequited love for women who love Tom.
5. She bought a puppy with Tom's money
6. Tom's flat was at 158th Street; this is where he carried on his affair with Myrtle
7. Catherine is Myrtle's sister, who after Myrtle is dead, does not disclose that Tom and Myrtle were lovers. Mr. and Mrs. McKee are friends with both Tom and Myrtle and live in the flat below Tom's flat in New York.
8. Gatsby's king of Germany