Gay Marriages Essay

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Gay Marriages

Should same sex marriages be legalized? There are many different opinions about this topic and is still being discussed in many states whether same sex marriages should be legalized. As of today only six states grant same sex marriage licenses, which are Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, and Vermont. Well while many oppose gay marriages, it should be legalized for those people of same sexes who desire to get married. Gay marriages should be legalized because denying them would be a violation of religious freedom here in the United States. It is the First Amendment to the United States Constitution in the Bill of Rights saying that it is prohibited to make laws in respect of any religious views. Alia Hameed from Paris, France responds in TIME U.S.'s article, “Even if Jesus, who was supposed to be all- forgiving, can't accept gay marriage, that doesn't mean the state can not legally recognize it. The last time I checked, America was a secular state and its laws weren't simply an extension of Christ's teachings, as interpreted by religious hardliners.” Laws should not be made because many religions say it is a sin to have same sex marriages because in the bible it says a marriage should be between a man and a woman. If a same sex couple does not believe in those religious views well then why should they be forced to change their sexuality because the bible says that they're doing wrong. It should be legalized because in reality gay marriages does not hurt society or anyone in particular physically. No one can physically be hurt because two adults of the same sex want to get married. R.L. Foley from Kansas City, Mo. responds in TIME U.S.'s article, “As a gay parent raising two children, I find it absurd that the Catholic Church will protect and hide child molesters, and the public upholds gangster rap as a freedom but will waste millions of dollars fighting against a union of two adults.” Gay people shouldn't be discriminated against in any way. Everyone wants to be treated equally, and not granting the right for a gay person to get married is not giving them equality. Gay people are already a part of society and it isn't going to end, so why