Generalizations: Race and Social Media Essay

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In Kevin Nguyen’s Language, Gender, and Culture Speech, he claims that Asian stereotypes are not accurate. He advances his argument by using his personal observations and examples. Nguyen’s purpose is to debunk the myths of Asian culture. Nguyen intends to target the younger generation who often believes these stereotypes. The significance of his work is to educate others about the misconceptions of Asian people. an everything said these days be believed? Today’s social media is highly affected by both language and how a message is sent whilst using the language. There are a handful of different aspects that affect social media as a whole; popular culture, stereotypes, textual bias and language presented in speeches and campaigns. Language can be used to explain a message but how the language is used in a context can define whether or not the message is portrayed clearly or if it is portrayed poorly. What you are about to hear may affect how you interpret language used by today’s media as well as today’s society. If you don’t know what it is let me explain for a bit: Stereotyping is the act of presenting a person or group in a certain way, through simplified and biased media, for example all asians like rice. This phrase states that the whole asian population, wherever in the world they may be, like rice. For an asian like myself I would think: “ oh that isn’t exactly true since asian are also people who have different like and dislikes”. Now this is where stereotyping causes harm between different ethnic groups, for example the the phrase; “all black people steal things”. This phrase clearly states that all African and African American people like to steal things and this phrase was made up because of the fact that maybe once or twice in history a man dressed in black or an African American or African man was accused of stealing something therefore this stereotype is supposedly applicable towards the whole black population around the world. As one might see stereotyping can cause great disputes between different ethnicities as well as break ties between specific ones. Stereotyping is very popular social media ( tv shows, news, internet, etc.). How the news dictates a certain story about an ethnic can in turn either make create trust between people or start wars between them. For example, not everyone who is Muslim wants to bomb gigantic pieces of architecture but due...sian stereotypes are a product of prevailing myths propagated by various media, from books, plays,