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Grade 9 Geography, CGC 1D
Assignment One: Energy Futures.

Jesse Borges
Mr. Partay
CGC 1D-01
January 9 2011

Energy Futures: Renewable and Non-Renewable

Canada faces an uncertain energy future for a multiplicity of reasons. The most important reason being it is running out of non-renewable energy resources that we have relied on for the last one hundred years. However, if Canada was to rely more on it’s renewable resources then its non-renewable then Canada’s future would be brighter than it was thought possible.

Canada has a strong dependency on its non-renewable energy resources, better known as Fossil Fuels. There are five fossil fuels identified as Oil, Coal, Natural Gas, Oil Sands and Uranium. Oil, coal, natural gas and oil sands are all created from millions of years of rock and sediment pressure, heat and particles of once living creatures or plant forms, because of this long delay of creation it is not a reliable source of energy seeing in as soon as it is used up it cannot be re-created. Uranium, one of the more abundant fossil fuels can be found in a wide range of rocks, soils and occasionally in oceans. This dense, radio-active metallic material is usually formed near volcanic areas and near plate boundaries. Also, this metal is the main heat source in the core of the Earth; uranium has been used for forty years and shows almost no sign of disappearing.