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Where is Rezenikoff?
The Toronto Police Department searched university campus as part of its investigation three weeks disappearance of Ivan Rezenikoff the 30-year-old who vanished on after work on July 1st 1885.

Ivan rezenikoff who in 1885 was working on the finishing touches of the upper exterior walls at university campus. Ivan was one of the large Russian immigrants who moved to Toronto for the job opportunities available for stone masonry. With his new found steady wealth and large financial savings, and Ivan was in love with his girlfriend Susie Chen. He decided to propose to the love of his life. Rezwnikoff’s co-worker Peter xie said “Ivan was a very handsome guy, and he had just recently proposed to his fiancée Susie, they were in love. But one day I saw Susie with another co-worker Paul Diabolos making out in front of university campus, then the next day I told Ivan and every since that day I never saw Ivan anymore”. Due to his co-worker Ivan had gone missing for more than three weeks, no one, including his fiancée Susie knows where he may be. Another source from NI Hao supermarket’s manager Chao Ming quote “I saw Ivan Rezenikoff hiding in the buses near the arched walkway at the university at around 9:00 pm on July 1st 1885, I was very busy at that moment I didn’t care why he was there until I got notify his was missing”. After Ivan disappeared, investigators and co-worker tried to try to find him: They put his face on thousands of milk cartons, street lamps,…