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Global Engineering Professional Profile
Engineering combines the fields of science and math to solve the real world problems that improve the world around us. But Engineering is not only restricted to the old fashion. What really define an engineer is his ability to apply the idea, no matter old or new, in a cost effective way and approach the goal.Scientists find out science and engineers, the bridge, apply the science to construct the world. We, as engineer, use our knowledge connect the past and future, engineering mechanics with Material science, machinery with Nanotechnology. As long as we can think, Engineering is never ends.
My name is Hao Tan, and I am a sophomore at Purdue University. I will obtain my Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering degree in August 2016. I choose Mechanical Engineering because of my love of machines. Since i was a child, i could disassemble my tool and assemble then, and play for a hole day. So i believe i have the talent and passion. With my own hands i could build thing and made thing appears front your eyes. So, I want to enroll in field of design and apply the newest technology. Therefore, I choose to be part of mechanical engineering.
Credentials and Experience
At first i thought an engineer is a man operate machines, fix them and keep them work well. For several years, I thought scientists built everything. Meanwhile, engineers are group of workers who work in the factory build cars, motorcycles, ships. As I grows older and know more about engineering, I figured out what real engineers do. We engineers build the world.We are the people who keep the world operating in a efficient way and scientific way. This is exactly what I hope to do. After doing some research on this area. As everyone said, Mechanical Engineering is the widest and an ME engineer need to know everything related with engineering, I never thought that I will be part of engineers group, but something I met changed my life, The automobile. I was a car lover since i was 12years old. And the only way i can know car was a TV show from the BBC channel called ‘Fifth Gear’, it burned my sprit and raise my love of supercar. Now as a member of Purdue Solar Racing team, I have the ability to accomplish my dream to build a car by my own. This is the first time we, our team, work as really engineers to make effort to change the world. Purdue Solar Racing is a multidisciplinary, student run organization that designs, builds, and races solar powered vehicles. We are currently designing our tenth car, which will compete in the American Solar Challenge, a 1500-1800mile race across the country. Mechanical engineering students typically work on the design and manufacturing of components such as suspension, chassis, steering, and a variety of other systems. Students work heavily with carbon fiber composites and gain great experience for industry. We also have the opportunity to work on the electrical systems, in the business division, or in team logistics. One of the biggest steps was that we never been treaded and a child, a teenager, we are engineers and we works with the biggest automobile companies among the word like Tesla Motors and Chrysler. I think this could be the most valuable experience in my college life.


Professional interests, Professional Ethics
I haven’t get any chance to work in a automobile company but i’m trying to make it possible. So, I'm going to take Germany at summer and earn 9 credit as soon as possible. So, i can join the 'GEAR' program in GERMAN. In my current plan i will go to graduate school. And study in automobile and clean-energy automobile fields, which like solar-car and electronic motor. I hope my study in GERMAN, in the future, will give me more knowledge and experience about automobile industry history and culture.
In the solar racing team, we divided in different team as ‘carbon body’, ‘election system’, ‘steering’,