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In the article genetically modified food, Deepa Karhta examines the pros and cons of modified foods in today’s world. Modified foods are foods whose DNA had been altered to be more beneficial to the human population. There are some foods that when consume by people, they have an allergic reaction to the food. With altering the DNA, GMF can eliminate the properties that create the allergies within these foods. Also, GMF can be grown anywhere regardless the climate which is a big plus for most companies. Deepa also points out that the production for the GMF cost less than the traditional food. She conveys that GMF are known to taste better and the life span on these foods has increased dramatically. One might observe that GMF cost less, taste better and may be the way of the future.

Although GMF may be the way of the future, there are many downsides to these foods. Deepa examines that GMF can have harmful effects on the human body such as, cancer irregular growth, diseases that are immune to antibiotics and unknown effects. For this reason some people tend to stay away from GMF. She also observes that in most countries the manufactures do not put a label on their food that shows the food is GM. They think that it will affect their business. Also there some religion cultures that against these foods because they see it as an unnatural way of producing foods. One might observe that GMF effects on humans may be the leading causes of death in the long run.

GMF foods