Essay about Goal Setting

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To accomplish almost anything in life there has to be an obtainable goal you feel is worth striving for. A plan of action has already been set in place in order to achieve your goals with or without you understanding what you, or your parents are doing. There are ultimate goals in my life and there are also smaller less significant achievements necessary to get to where I intend to be for the rest of my life. These smaller goals in my life are like the checkpoints during a long road trip. These goals include getting good grades for the next two years in community college so I can transfer to a four year school where I can preserve a career in either marketing or education. Throughout my education I want to experience everything I can, socially, educationally, and new experiences that can change my life time goals completely. Although changing my major half way through college is impractical I think that if I find something that I really enjoy doing I won’t mind going to work and I can continue to have amazing experiences throughout my lifetime. Although I want to live in the city and work in a major marketing firm I’m not sure if thats what I want to do forever. Also I would really love to spend a semester in another country or even a semester at sea. I find these experiences are the ones that change people the most, and usually for the best. Coming from a small town I haven't experienced much culture or real hardships other than arguing with my parents. I think that if I would broaden my horizons and take a trip to another country it would open a whole new world for me. Being openminded to all of these new situations I intend have I most likely going to face many challenges. The first one I would want to figure out would be where I’m going to live after leaving college. I want to live in the city more than anything in the world but knowing that its very expensive and even hard to find a place to stay is discouraging at times.
But the most influencing factor on where I’m going to live will be deciding what I’m going to do. The workforce is extremely competitive right now and I’m always concerned about where I’m going to work after getting a degree and how I’m going to pay for the student loans I have taken out. Although getting a job is simply making yourself appealing to the interviewer. I will most likely have to live off barely