God and Life Essay

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Even with more than a hundred gods to worship, the purpose of Hinduism does not focus on their gods as it does in Christianity. There are several goals which need to be achieved in Hinduism for one’s purpose to be completed; Hindus believe that life involves a series of duties called Dharma, and that this Dhrma depends on your family’s background, career and other aspects of your life. For example, if your father was a merchant, your dharma is to follow in his footsteps. However, there are spiritual parts of the Dharma which must also be completed such as worshipping God, being honest and being respectful of others. The first aim in a Hindu’s life is to complete their dharma to the best of their ability. Another thing which comes into play in Hinduism is the concept of karma which states that one’s life is influenced by their actions in their past life. If someone has not completed their dharma to the best of their ability in the past life, it is possible that in their next life, their soul will degrade from their previous status to something of lower form. The whole cycle of living to have a better next life is referred to as samsara which is also called the process of reincarnation. Hindus believe that when your body dies, your soul, also referred to as your atman, moves on to another being. The soul will remain the same, but your form will be determined by your previous actions. In order to escape this continuous cycle of reincarnation, Hindus aim for the ultimate goal of Moksha. Moksha marks the end of samsara since the soul finally breaks out of the cycle and joins with the creator of all. This is also similar to the Christian concept of salvation, as Christians who are good in their life will go to heaven to be reunited with their creator. Therefore, the mzzain purpose in a Hindu’s life is to complete their dharma, achieve good karma and ultimately ge

How do christians achieve their purpose?

Christians can become closer to God through many ways; one of the traditional practices in Christianity is Baptism; this ritual varies in different branches of the religion but essentially requires immersion of the body in water. The importance of this ritual is that it is believed to wash away original sin and with it, the temptation towards following the wrong path from Christians. The most accessible ritual for all Christians is prayer which can be said anytime, anywhere and is always believed to be heard by God. Christians may choose to pray informally or recite a creed which is a formal statement of their faith in God. Overall, Christians have a variety of rituals and practices that help them strengthen their relationship with God in order to become closer to attaining salvation and reuniting with their Creator.

Christians follow the holy book called the Bible, which includes stories such as the Gospels. The Gospels are stories about the life of Jesus whom Christians believe is the son of God. In the Bible, it is stated that Christians have been put on earth simply to worship God and appreciate everything he has created. The first evidence of this can be found in the Genesis or creation story; Adam and Eve are two humans that are put on earth to appreciate its beauty and heaven-like features, and to ultimately obey God. However, they cannot ignore the temptation and chose to sin which results in the evolution of today’s corrupt world. Christians believe that their sole purpose is to carry out God’s will and they can do that by being good to others, helping those in need and worshipping only one God. Regarding good and evil, Christians believe the following; God has given humans free will, meaning that we have the decision to do as we wish. However, if we choose to be good, we will ignore temptation and follow God’s will. But if we do decide to give into the temptation of evil and sin, then we will no longer be considered good until we try to reconcile with God. As a result of Adam and Eve’s first encounter with sin,