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There are many great athletes in the world, however, have their own special skill of which they tend to utilize to help them advance in the field of which they perform. For example, when it comes to a golfer it is very important that they practice the skills of Balance, Momentum, and Tension. These are three of the eight essential playing skills that are taught to players in the field of golf, also including clear decision-making and emotional resilience. Now starting off with balance simply put, the physical foundation of your golf swing is balance. Think of your swing like a toy top set in motion by the pulling of a string. The top is most graceful in its movements when it's totally centered, in complete balance. As it slows down, that balance is lost, and it starts to wobble. That process is like making the golf swing over and over. Now consider the feeling you get when you hit a perfect shot. Whether the shot is produced by the long, fluid swing or by the blink of an eye, balance is maintained throughout. For many of the players, one of the most important aspects of their warm-up routine is nurturing balance. Smart players realize they're not going to change anything in the warm-up, but they can find something: balance. To be a good ball-striker, you must be able to maintain your balance while rotating. Make some swings favoring either your left foot or right foot, to develop dynamic balance. Furthermore, next skill is momentum. Momentum is not something that can be explained to you, but you can learn to control it. Every player has a pace that works best, but it's really more like a unique range of rhythms in which the player functions optimally. Momentum is something you borrow rather than own. It constantly changes depending on how your body and swing feel on any particular day. Many golfers find their most efficient sequence of motion by exploring different momentums. We've found that players