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Great Story Form
What is a great story? A great story is one that shows how you or your program impacted the lives of individuals in your community. A great story is one that shows how you helped meet the needs of your community and helped make it a better place to be. A great story is one that touches the heart, and possibly inspires someone to act, serve, or be a catalyst for change themselves.
You can submit a great story at any time. You should submit it to your supervisor and your supervisor will forward it to their WSC Program Coordinator. The form can be obtained from your project supervisor or found on our website at: . You can also find two excellent examples of great stories through this same link.
Please remember that a photo release is required if non-members are pictured. You can download the photo release by clicking here.
These great stories are used by the WSC to highlight member service to our stakeholders, legislators and the general public. We are proud of the service provided by members and want to celebrate, acknowledge and publicize your efforts!
Background/highlights (information on the individual(s) or community that you serve; and general information about the service provided):
Member support (describe what you did, including specific assistance and services that were provided to individuals or a community):
How did the service affect the life of your client or customer? Was there an impact on the community as a whole? Was there an impact the service had on you personally?
Were there any particular challenges or obstacles that had to be overcome for the individual or situation in providing the service?

Member Name: James Morrill Date: 3/1/2013
Project Site Name: South Sound GREEN
Team Name (if applicable):
City: Olympia Washington
Member/Supervisor Name and e-mail for follow up:
Service Member: James Morrill
Congress 2013 Celebrates salmon, cedar, and water (By Anita Montgomery, TESC)
Congress 2013 Celebrates salmon, cedar, and water (By Anita Montgomery, TESC)
Supervisor: Stephanie Bishop

Volunteer Training
"I always wanted to be a teacher, and for one day out of the year I get to do what I love the most," a Baby Boomer said to me as our small group introduced our names, why we were present, and what watershed word best described how we felt. The 2013 Congress Volunteer Training served 2 baby boomers, 2 veterans, and 27 Evergreen undergraduates. In my term of service I have Facilitated 2,077 learners from 5th-adult in Experiential Education methods. In this method implemented this service term over 3000 data points have been collected to measure effectiveness of in-classroom presentations led by South Sound GREEN in meaningful alignment with Americorps Individual Placement Service Members from Thurston Conservation District, South Puget Sound Salmon Enhancement Group, WFW, City of Lacey, Thurston County Water Resources, and Nisqually Land Trust. SSG methods increase learning of Water Quality