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Research Paper: Green Energy

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Introduction and analyze:
Our universe is constituted from many different fundamental parts; one of these elements is the Energy. It’s also very important part of our daily lives. Today, the principal form of energy that is undependable for human being is the electricity. We presumed that more than 80 percent of the electrical energy used around the world is mainly produced from the coal, oil and natural gas. Those major sources extracted from the earth are exhaustible, means whatever is used to create the energy is a portion that it’s gone, and needs to be replaced by another quantity to assure the continuity of the process, thus those sources are considered consumable. The science has always looked at this problem as a challenge, and therefore people have thought to develop new technologies that can use the alternative resources of the exhaustible ones, using safer sources that help first to save our planet, and second to use them all the time. This kind of energy is called the Renewable Energy.
The renewable energy is one of the subjects that have been discussed in many conferences and debates at different countries around the world. Many governments are interested in these technologies and they are investing more to realize those projects because of the multiple advantages of it. In fact, this discovery is about using and exploiting the natural resources, that it’s available on our planet, to produce the electrical energy. The renewable energy technology, or green energy as called newly due of their positive effect on the environment, has been developed by the scientists through many concepts where they made the ecological forms of energy useful to produce the electricity. The most sources that can be exploited are; the sunlight, the wind and the biomass: The sunlight is converted to electrical current by the photovoltaic panels where specific materials are used to make this reaction. The electrical power produced is accumulated in special batteries and then used to supply the low voltage equipments such as light bulbs, radios or TVs. As well, the wind power can be used to turn on the generators of electricity using the wind turbines particularly when the climate is very windy. As read in the article of the scientific magazine: “Science and Life”: when mass numbers of the wind turbines are spread on a wide field, the power generated can provide enough electrical power for a large urban use. Usually the windmills are placed on high relief that is known by a windy climate during long period of the year. Another biological source that can be used as a renewable energy is the biomass, which is different natural stuff lying around -- dead trees, tree branches, yard clippings, left-over crops, wood chips, and bark and sawdust from lumber mills. It can even include used tires and livestock manure. All those composites provide a big amount of heat that can be used as another useful form of energy.
Solar Energy:
Since the ancient times in human history, the beliefs of the primary civilizations were totally different concerning the existence of the sun. Everyone had his own perspective view, whether religious point, or the rational point of what the sun represent in reality. We know today, that the sun is simply our nearest star, which play a fabulous role in our life. We have always used the energy of the sun as far back as humans have existed on this planet, but recently the use was extraordinary different. Life would not exist on our