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Rhetorical Analysis Green Energy
Alternative energy, renewable energy, energy conservation, whatever the word may be; they all can be described with one word: green energy. So much is being done to conserve energy, like making electrical cars that will reduce gas emissions so that it won't clog up the Earth’s ozone, and changing all light bulbs to fluorescent bulbs, and using nuclear power for energy or wind turbines for energy and also solar panels for energy. This topic is interesting because it is about finding alternative ways for energy and the conservation of it to help the environment and to stop global warming and the climate change.
“An ongoing debate exists over what forms of alternative energy are the safest, most cost-efficient, and most practical to replace and/or subsidize fossil fuels. Some activists believe that government agencies and powerful lobbyists are hindering investigation into alternative energy in an effort to support the fossil fuel industry” says Micah L. Issitt. The exploration of alternative energy started in the 1970s, because after the Arab-Israeli War started in 1967, the Arabs made “an oil embargo against the United States…for their support of Israel,” so the US “reorganized its energy policies…and established commissions to regulate nuclear energy and develop alternative energy sources” (Issitt).

One group that is engaged in the conversation surrounding the green energy issue is a Law Firm called Ice Miller LLP Legal Counsel. As it says on their website under Green Industries Initiative, they are “professionals whose practice includes environmental law, tax credits, venture capital financing, real estate, energy law, litigation and intellectual property," (Charles). They are concerned about green energy because they feel that since everybody is affected by global warming, it is their jobs as lawyers to inform their clients (which are probably business companies or building construction companies) and the people about green energy and how to make the transition from the old energy to the new green energy and how to live a green life that is beneficial and environmental friendly that is less expensive and environmental friendly.
This is the actual statement they have on their website, "While we all are impacted by the potential environmental consequences of global climate change, we realize that a commitment to going green for a company means more than energy efficiency or reducing its carbon footprint. For our clients, it means reducing the cost of doing business by making energy management and sustainable development a critical part of their business plans. It means developing and manufacturing advanced clean technology or producing renewable energy" (Charles). The Ice Miller Legal Counsel's stand is that in order to lower the electricity costs and to help save the environment that going green is the way. One example is on their website under a tab called "Our Industries" but it is also on the main page under the title "Industries" if readers scroll down a little bit, titled "Green Industries Initiative." The forum is an explanation of what they are about, and how they go about doing what they do. The forum that they use is a website on the Internet, which can be accessed by everyone and anyone, which is effective, since now a day, the Internet is the source of finding information (Charles).
The sorts of rhetoric that are being used are logos, because they are using logical appeals, an example is when they talk about how everybody is/or might be affected by global warming in the first paragraph. It also uses ethos, because it talks about how they use professionals and such later on in the page. They use the credibility of professional lawyers who are good at their jobs.
Another interest group that is interested green energy in called Organic Consumer Association (OCA), which is an “online and grassroots non-profit 501©3 public interest organization campaigning for health, justice, and