Green Energy Essay

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Green Energy

As we continue to live our busy lives, we fail to notice the ‘sleeping’ computer on our desk, or the phone charger that’s still on the outlet long after charging our power hungry smartphones or even the small power on light on our Dolby 7.1 Surround System that we have hooked up to our 60 inch TV’s. When we buy appliances at our local electronics, energy consumption never makes a difference on our purchase. After all, we want the largest televisions, the most powerful smartphones, the fastest computers (hooked up with the largest monitors of course), and the higest fidelity sounds speakers can offer. In fact 4.5 million people watched the Super Bowl on a new television which are ever-bigger and ever-clearer. We practically want the largest and most powerful gadgets in the market, and most of us are willing to pay a pretty penny for it ( some of us wait for Black Friday). We might be able to graciously pay for these luxuries and live the good life. Even when the electricity bill rises tenfold, we’ll gladly pay up to hear the bass kicks in our music, to see the seams on that football when our favorite quarterback throws it or play games on the long train rides. After a couple years of these irreresistable splurges, some of us realize that our prices are slowly but surely increasing. Our electricity bills are over the roof, and us citizens of the planet Earth then strive to find a way to reduce them. That is when we decide to look into other sources of energy, as our fossil fuels are starting to become ever so scarce and will continue to do so because of our consumption of 400,000,000,000,000,000 BTUs every year. Many companies started using recyclable materials in their products, and labeled their product as green in energy efficiency. Electricity was now a worry as scientists rush to find out more about the sources of energy. More and more people become interested in green energy, power with as little pollution as possible. Scientists have deemed it impossible for energy to be collected without pollutions. They have been able to reduce the by-product substantially though. The term ‘green’ eventually referred to anything that was