Greenhouse Gas and Human Activities Essay

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Is Global Climate change Man-Made?

Yes, Man made changes in the climatic conditions across the globe. There are disruptive thing on the earth that are causing the destruction on the earth. And most of these factors are manmade, if not all are manmade.

The global climate change is definitely man made and the most important reason is that most of the energy we use is coming from the fossil fuels and its combustion creates carbon dioxide this is the main cause for global climate change. The other reason is forests are disappearing because of human activities Without strong change in our energy source and use, global climate will get worse. It is definitely man-made, because most of the machines we use every day need fire. When we burn something fumes directly go in the air and effects ozone layer and causes ozone layer depletion this causes sun rays falls on us directly and efficiently.

As the world has become more industrialized we have been using up more and more of the world's natural resources. The idea that this has no link on the rising CO2 levels and recent climate patterns is committing us to a life of ignorance. 90% of climate scientists agree that human factors are contributing to climate change. Measurements clearly show that the temperature is rising faster than compare to the last 650,000 years. Even if we go through short "cycles" of temperature ups and downs, there are a lot of places that are already being affected by obvious continuing warmth. There are hundreds and thousands of glaciers that are disappearing all over the world and this causing rise of sea levels.
Climate change is natural process as proved by times such as the medieval warm period and the little ice age, nevertheless in recent years there has been an accelerated amount of alteration. This correlates with the high enhancement in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, caused by human activities such as burning fossil fuels and