Growing Up Essay

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Samantha Campos
Paper # 3 One of my strongest Emotional Intelligence competencies would be Empathy, I always feel the need to understand someone else's situation and emotions. I find myself sitting down with most of my friends, almost like a counseler just listening to what is wrong and how they are feeling. I always try and make things better for them or giving them solutions to their problems, or advice on how to get out of their funk. Another one of my strongest Emotional Intelligence competencies is Assertiveness, I will always stand my ground. I never have any problem with telling someone exactly how I feel. I like to standup for my self because it shows you and everyone around that you are not weak. Rather than strongest one of my weakest Emotional Intelligence compentencies would be Stress tolerance. I have such a problem with being stressed out all the time. I know the things that I can do to take stress out of my life but I never do it, I just keep letting the little or big things bother me. All that I need to do is remove the stress from my life to live a healthier daily life. One of my very weakest Emotional Intelligence competencies is Happiness. It always seems like nothing is good enough for me, I always want more. This situation causes problems with relationships and daily life all together. Happiness is something that everyone should have, I dont know how to do things differently to keep myself happy, it seems like I have everything I need. There