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Gun Control The topic I choose to discuss is the issue of gun control. This is has been an issue in the United States for awhile now but just recently exploded when the Sandy Hook massacre happened almost a year ago. There are two sides to the argument, people who want stricter gun laws and the people that don’t. I support the side of less strict gun laws. Lawmakers want to add all these laws that are just going to make law abiding citizens more susceptible to gun violence. I believe with less strict laws people will be able to defend themselves and their rights won’t be taken away from them. The biggest mistake lawmakers want to do is to completely ban certain kinds of guns. For example they want to get rid of the AR-15. The reason they want to get rid of it is because it looks like a military style weapon and that scares people. Also because the people committing these mass murders use this style of rifle. What they don’t understand is people use these guns for self defense for their families, hunting, or just as a hobby. It’s not the gun that kills people; it’s the people that kill people. By banning certain kinds of gun people wouldn’t be safer in fact they would be more venerable. Plus it would be violating the Second Amendment of the right to bear arms.
People should have their Second Amendment rights all the time with concealed carry. People don’t like the idea of it because they feel like everyone’s just going to start shooting each other over little arguments. This was said about the states with conceal carry, ““Shall Issue” concealed carry laws, which allow ANY law abiding citizen to carry a concealed pistol, have spread to 40 states across the US since 1987. Millions of "average" Americans exercise this right, and there have been no explosions of crime, shootouts over parking spots, or road rage gunfight (Wright).” States with concealed carry don’t have crazy spikes in crime and the people that live there have the choice whether they want to protect themselves or not.
Another controversial topic with guns is whether school teachers and staff should be allowed to carry guns in the school. People say putting more guns in schools would just put the kids at a higher risk of getting hurt. When you look at all these school shootings there’s no one that’s on site to help these people they all have to wait for the police which is just more time for the shooter to injure more people. If the teachers and staff were allowed to carry guns they wouldn’t have to wait for the