The Use Of Laptops In The Classroom

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I believe that allowing the usage of school-given laptops could be a great improvement to the High School. It’s very easy to use modern technology such as laptops and iPads for academic purposes, which can be a very great tool for both learning and productivity in not only, the class room but at home as well. The thought of using laptops in class brings very many intuitive ideas in which how we can integrate laptops into our daily lesson plans, for not only school, but after it as well, for things such as homework and viewing notes that we’ve taken during the course of our classes. If the school board implemented a policy that would allow responsible students to use laptops in class the other students would see the great advantage that a laptop provides, and slowly, the rest of the student population will follow and will conform to the requirements for using a laptop in class.
Books are heavy, it’s a known fact, and this fact can be proven by opening any of the student’s lockers in any school. This problem can be solved if we used our laptops, we can take our entire homework, home with just a laptop. Efficiency is important, especially when it comes to high school, kids leave their homework on the floor in a rush to gather their things and get out of class, but with laptops students will always come in with one thing and leave with one thing, their laptop. With using computers for all our school needs, you eliminate the use of lockers as well, so you can just go to your next class, and you get there earlier than the bell, you can even work on your homework until the next class starts, thus shortening the time spent on homework. Students will naturally run toward the most attractive mode of media delivery. The entertainment industry understands this and has geared their delivery systems to the computer. The education establishment is lagging behind. The result is that education is not being delivered in as efficient as entertainment is. The end result is that students do not want to