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Female genital mutilaton : refers to the partial or total removal of the clitoris and in very rare cases ,only the prepuce.{the folding of the skin surrounding the clitoris}. This process is done in two other ways: Excision; partial or total removal of the clitoris and the labia {Lips} minora with or without exicision of the labia majora. Infibulation; Is narrowing of the vaginal opening through the creation of a covering seal. Theseal is formed by cutting and repositioning the inner, or outer labia with or withput removal of the clitoris . The seal is then cut open and stitched up again to allow sexual intercourse and childbirth. Hence the woman goes through repeated opening and closing procedure, increasing immediate and long term risks.
-Feminist theory this the concept based on gender oppression with the purpose of attaining women power. This theory suggest that there’s inbalance based on gender espaecailly towards the women as to why they are the only ones who have to go through this horrible practice and not men. Men have the same practice but it’s not as painful as the women, so it argues that women ought to be treated the same as men in society and in regards to this practice. Women do through a lot of bleeding and pain during this process all for the purpose of pleasing the men who would take their hand in marriage in some cultures. This oppression against women is horrible as Aissha describes in the article by Siobhan Courtney, she says she can’t even compare the pain to anything expect that it’s worse than cutting your finger off many times. A feminists would say why only women have to undergo this process even given the side effects of this practice. Young girls bleed almost to death and the pain is too much to bear according to the article. And why do some countries still practice this horrible act on the young girls and women especially in west African countries and also in the united kingdom. The lack of concern by the Uk government to totally ban this practice on their citizens is a sign of oppression on the young girls and women and torture as well.
This practice is unfair to the young girls who are taken by their step mothers, aunties and mothers to go through this female genital mutilation. Little attention has been given to the stopping of this practice as no strict laws have been put in place to prevent the young girls and women from this horrible process. As we know this is still done in some countries like west Africa to the innocent girls and women who’s dignity is robbed. Religious leaders have played no role to stop this female genital mutilation, for some do it for religious purpose yet it’s not written in any religious books that these should be done to the women and young girls. The practice has caused more harm to the young girls and women it takes the natural desire to sexual pleasure, hence making life less pleasing to the victims of this practice. Women are oppressed even after this practice they controlled by the side effects of this cutting, it reduces the libido and then makes them less demanding for sexual pleasures.
Marxist Theory..this a concept in sociology about social class, those who benefit at the expense of others . And those who suffer are dominated by certain group or class in society. This concept helps to maintain the privileges of some groups and keep others in subservient positions. A Marxist would view female genital mutilation in away that it keeps a certain group of people out of this brutal process , it’s the women who go through this ordeal of cutting to the benefit of the men, as it’s practiced to get girls or woman ready for marriage in society. Men seem to be the dominate group in this ordeal ritual which is done to young girls and woman around the world especially the Uk, it’s done to get them ready for men in marriage. Courtney writes how government cuts has made it really difficult for them to bring to an end this brutal and