Gun Control Argumentative Essay

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Gun control is an important political and societal issue, especially with mass shootings being on the rise. The frequency of school shootings more than tripling since 2011 has shown this rise. Mass shootings still account for a minuscule portion of gun deaths, as they constitute only 346 of over 15,000 shooting deaths in the United States of America. Subsequently, these 15,000 deaths force Americans to consider, “What is the best way to lessen the amount of firearm-related deaths?” This question is causing people to choose between supporting two opposite sides of this issue: anti-gun activists and gun activists. I personally lean more towards the gun activist side of this debate. The common thread between numerous proponents of both sides is their common goal to try and decrease deaths from guns.

Gun control is of paramount importance to me because firearms facilitate tens of thousands of deaths every year, and I want these deaths to diminish as much as possible. I believe that the best way to tackle this, without alienating rights stated in the 2nd Amendment, is to not outlaw the purchase and usage of firearms. A common argument used by gun activists is that guns don't kill people, but people kill people. I completely agree with this
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This might cause another American civil war, as over 25% of the American population owns guns and countless more support gun ownership. Furthermore, the complete restriction could be called an infringement of the 2nd Amendment. Repealing the 2nd Amendment would surely cause a similar reaction to occur. Another way that anti-gun activists may want to ban guns is to ban certain types of guns, one-by-one, but this would just cause gun owners to stock up on guns before they are all banned to oblivion. After the complete banning would be completed, the gun owners would then illegally sell the