Essay Habit: Time Management and Social Life

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Out of the seven habits, I would say that I possess five of them which are (1) be proactive, (2) begin with the end in mind, (4) think "win-win", (5) seek to understand, and then to understand, and (6) synergize. With work, my social life, family, friends, and relationship, I have always been the person who people can trust, feel loyal with, and be honest with. Growing up I've always had a big heart and making friends was easy for me because I got along very well with numerous people with different personalities. The reason why is because I can somehow in someway connect and relate to the person I am talking to, understanding who they are and what similarities, differences, and interests we have. I am very laid back, but also a go-getter who likes to be productive to achieve all my short term and long term goals. My family consists of three of siblings who are boys with me being the oldest. Growing up I've always had bigger responsibilities as well as a girl, so I've grown into the habit of being independent and setting goals for myself on who I want to be and want I want to see myself doing.
For habits of put first things first and sharpen the saw, I can be a procrastinator and I try to be organized, but sometimes that fails. I sometimes do get overwhelmed in which I take awhile to critically think on what I have to do now or later. Being in a relationship and getting involved with my social life, I like to have fun and enjoy myself a lot. Even though I am career