Health Care Professionals Essay

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Professional Development Assignment 4
Michelle Turner
Aspen University
Healthcare Systems
Dawn Deem
October 14, 2014
Professional Development Assignment 4
The various kinds of health professionals are educated in separate schools but with considerable overlap in curricula and training requirements. They are, however, expected to integrate their training and work together after graduation. Identify the advantages and disadvantages of this approach to professional education in terms of costs, educational efficiency, and patient care quality. List one advantage and one disadvantage for each.

The structure of the U.S heath care system is certainly a topic greatly debated. Whether it is discussing the cost of health care, poor
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He prescribed her “prescription-strength” ibuprofen and told her to slow down. She took his advice and slowed down to the best of her ability. The headaches continued and she returned to ole “doc Jamison” as she would say. When he told her it was stress, she believed him and tried to “de-clutter and de-stress” her life. When that didn’t work she talked herself out of returning because she was embarrassed. He ran no test, he asked few questions, he was a poor communicator, and he lacked resources or challenging cases to compare patients to. My grandmother died shortly after seeing him of a brain tumor.
Another example was my father-in-law suffering a heart attack. He went to the ER in his small community with chest pain. When I arrived he was in the ICU on a nitro and morphine drip. I said, wait why is he still here. He was in pain, on a morphine drip, EKG changes, and receiving nitro. It didn’t make sense to me. The doctor said, “the cardiologist comes on Wednesday”. WHAT? Yes. Small town Iowa was going to hold onto my father-in-law until the cardiologist came two days later. These are only a couple of the thousands of examples of poor care, limited recourses, and limited providers in rural communities.

The health care delivery system now places increased emphasis on maintaining wellness and on promoting disease avoidance through healthy behaviors and lifestyles. What challenges does this new orientation pose