Types Of Fitness

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Physical Fitness- set of attributes that are health, performance or skill related
Health related fitness comprises with those components of fitness that exhibit a relationship with health.

5 components of health:
1. Cardio respiratory – effiency of the heart, lungs and blood vessels to supply the muscles with oxygen and remove waste products
2. Muscle Endurance – the ability of the muscles to maintain or repeat contractions
3. Muscle Strength- maximum force that a muscle can exert with a single contraction
4. Flexibility- range of motion of movement possible at a particular joint or a series of joints.
5. Body Composition- the ratio of fat to muscle, bone and other tissue that compose the body
Body Types: Ectomorph, Endomorph and Mesomorph
- Your body build is inherited from your parents along with other physical characterises
- Ectomorph- light bones with very little fat… thin all their lives
- Endomorph- Have heavy bone structure and pads of soft rounded flesh… they will never look like an Ectomorph
- Mesomorph- have medium-heavy bones and little fat
Importance of fat to good health:
- provides energy to the body
- protects organs and bones
- provides insulation for the body against heat and cold
Fat as a heath issue:
- cause breathing difficulties
- cause high blood pressure
- can lead to heart disease or stroke
- cause kidney disorder
- cause diabetes or cancer
- body becomes less resistant to infections
- lead to a shortened life
Vitality- Represents a shift of thinking about weight & its relationship to healthy living.
Three Components of the Vitality approach:
- Healthy Eating
- Active Living
- Positive self and body image
- lifetime eating pattern based on Canada’s Food Guild to Healthy Eating
- look, feel and perform better
- Helps manage body weight
- Acceptance for self and others
Negative Effects associated with weight-centered approach:
- counting calories
- weight cycling (yo-yo diet)
- weight obsession
- high attraction for exercise programs
- eating disorders
Dieting Risks:
- may cause medical conditions like: heart damage, disorder of the reproductive system, loss of muscle tissue…
- eating disorders: bulimia & anorexia
- yo-yo affect/weight cycling

Aerobic Zone: 60-85% of MHR [Max HR] (200-age=MHR) (MHR x .6 or .85 = 60-85%)

Goal setting must be:
- smart
- measurable
- achievable
- realistic
- time framed
Goal Setting Steps:
1. identify a goal/desire to improve
2. believe in yourself
3. analyze where you are now
4. develop your goal

Signs and Symptoms of a Heart Attack
- Pain- chest pain, indigestion, jaw, neck, shoulders & arms
- Pale- sweaty, cold, clammy
- Puking- nausea and vomiting
- Pooped- exhausted (missing 1 [P])…puffed?
What do you do?
- loosen clothing
- reassure them
- semi-sitting position
- ask them