Occupational Health Psychology and Job Essay example

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Work-life balance is a problem for many people. When you work every day, all day, with no time set aside for living life, you just become more stressed. You lose sight of reality and you get out of touch with creativity. A worker has to be able to balance work and home life. When you find yourself bring home all of your work issues and avoiding your home/ living issues then there is a problem. I know times are hard and people work extra hard these days to make ends meet. One thing we have to realize is that money is not as important as our family and health. We have to be able to determine what’s more important. Money is what is made to help provide stability, but if we fall ill from over working and not eating or taking care of ourselves than mone becomes less irrelavant. We have to realize if we fall ill and become able to work , that job will still be there and offered to the next person.
So we have to find ways to find a balance. Balance is how much time needs to be set aside for work and how much time for you and your family. One way to balacne your work and life is to see what it takes for your to function as an individual. For instance how much sleep does one need to be very productive during the work day? How does your eating habits affect how well you work? We have to make sure our sleeping and eating habits are enough to make our body get the full function it needs to be produtive on the job. Another factor is to take time out for family. Set aside time from the job where you have full dedication to your family and not have to bring home any work related issuses. Time for work should be time for work and time for you and your family should be just that.
Job satifaction is also anther way to deal with work / life balance. I always say that a happy work enviornment , produces healthy happy employees. Take time out to see what motivates and inspires you to do great on your job. I think this all depends on how you fee and look at your job. If you look at it as just a job then you see it as just a way to make money and the job may not capture your full interest. If people find a job and see it as a career, thenyou dedicated your self more to the job not only because of the pay but because the job provides and oppurtunity for your to advance and have something better to look for in the near