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Operant Conditioning The behavioral goal I chose to focus on during this experiment was trying to condition myself to focus more while doing my work. I wanted to change this behavior because I find that I am often distracted while studying or doing schoolwork and feel that I need to focus more in order to get my work done faster and with better quality. It was very important to me to change this behavior because by focusing more on my studies, I could open up more free time to pursue my own passions and hobbies. Also this behavior was important for me to change The type of consequence I used was a combination of both positive reinforcement and negative punishment. The positive reinforcement consequence I used to improve my focus was to reward myself by allowing 30 minutes of relaxation and leisure for every two hours I could work without losing my focus. This is an example of positive reinforcement because I am giving myself the positive reward of free time after studying for a certain amount of time to increase the likely hood of studying in the future. The negative punishment consequence I used to stop myself from losing focus was to turn off my music for 30 minutes every time I lost focus while working. This shows negative punishment because I am taking away the positive of my music to decrease the likelihood that I lose focus while working. On the first day I had a very hard time staying as focused as I wanted to be and had to turn my music off very frequently as a result of lost focus while working. The second and third days showed marginal improvements and the first instance of my positive reinforcement was used on the third day. The fourth day was much better than the first three, and punishment was administered three times but I managed to study for 3 hours without losing focus. The fifth day showed an almost complete success of my conditioning, as I only had to use my negative reinforcement strategy once during the course of the day and used my positive reinforcement strategy two times. I believe that this operant conditioning technique worked very well for me, because I showed a marked increase in the