Why People Only Have Two Feet Of Four?

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LTAC Language Arts
February 9, 2013

Why People Only Have Two Feet Instead of Four Maddietropolis, the world’s biggest city, lies in the country of Jazlandia. It also has one of the strongest human beings on the face of the earth, Jet Johnson. He was tall, handsome, and had brown hair. He had four legs, not two but four, like all of the other humans on Earth. Jet was different. He had super strength and agility. Everyone in his family was this way because they’re the descendants of the mighty god, Hercules. Hercules was the world’s strongest man, physically and emotionally. Jet grew up to be like his father, Jake Johnson, and became the general of the great Jazlandian army. Jet had it all! With his handsomeness, he was able to attract almost all of the girls. His super strength allowed him to never lose a duel. He was rich from his well-paid job. One day, Jet realized how much he had going for him. He got conceited and overconfident. He got so used to winning that he forgot about the possibility of losing. He was thirsty for a challenge. While walking downtown, he passed a building with a sign as red as blood that said ‘Godly Talks’. Then he got the ingenious idea to ask the gods for a challenge disregarding what happened to everyone else that challenged the gods. When Jet walked inside of the building, he saw a man sitting alone at a table.
“Hello,” said Jet to the man sitting down at the table.
“Hi Sir. Welcome to ‘Godly Talks’, where I can transfer you to the gods and you can have a conversation with them. The price is $1 per minute. My name is Carl. And you are?”
“Jet...Jet Johnson, nice to meet you. Would you mind transferring me to Apollo, you know, the god of music, poetry, and prophecy. I need to ask him about my future,” said Jet. Jet paid the man for 10 minutes as the he connected him to Apollo. Suddenly, all he could see was a bright white. A figure as tall as a giraffe with a lyre appeared in front of him.
“My dear Apollo, I seek for your advice. I want to find a challenge that is suitable for me where I can still exhibit my greatness. What do you suggest that I do,” said Jet.
“Do not let your confidence affect your decisions, take small steps, and know when you have had enough. If you go too far, you will build your own tunnel to the Underworld,” Apollo advised. Before Jet could reply, he reappeared in his natural world. Terrified by Apollo’s warning, he stayed away from tough challenges for a few months. He eventually couldn’t take it anymore and had to go back to ‘Godly Talks’. “Hey, I remember you…Jet, right,” Carl asked. “Yes, Carl. Nice to see you, again,” he greeted, “Please transfer me to Mount Olympus. Without a word, Jet appeared in Mount Olympus with its skies as blue as the sea and beautiful mountain tops. As if he had been there many times before, he knew where he could find Artemis, the goddess of hunting, virginity, childbirth, archery, the moon, and all animals. Jet went to Artemis and cleared his throat to grab her attention. When she first saw him, Artemis knew that Jet wasn’t a god. “Hello, mortal,” she greeted him. “Hello, my dear Artemis,” Jet replied, “I am Jet Johnson of Maddietropolis and I would like to challenge you to a duel. Do you accept?” “You are only a mortal. What makes you think that you could beat me in a duel? What is it that you aspire for,” Artemis asked. “Please, let me explain,” he started, “If I win, I get to keep your deer. If you win the fight, you may keep my special, world-famous armor.” “It seems like a pretty good deal to me,” Artemis smiled.
They fought for what seemed to be hours, throwing punches and kicks while also using their weapons and surrounding. Finally, Jet unleashed a kick that caused Artemis to fall back and bash her head on the wall. The unbearable pain caused her to surrender. Since she was a woman of her word, she gave the sacred deer to Jet. Jet returned home as happy as ever because he knew that