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16 October 2014 Heroes are not always the knights in shining armor. Though knights have been heroes, people with ordinary lives sometimes have the shiniest of armor. They polish and shine their armor with three definite traits. Combine compassion with everyday citizens who are demonstrating strong will against danger and inspiring values in others and a modern day hero is born. The main difference between a hero and a villain is often the hero’s concerns for others.
A wise man (Ted Tollefson) once said, “ Heroes serve powers or principles larger than themselves,” in his article, “Is a Hero Really Nothing but a Sandwich?” Abdul Sattar Edhi began caring for his ailing mother, then others in his hometown. Now he takes care of millions of men, women, and children across Pakistan. The more heroes practice compassion the more willing they are to save people. In another situation, “Heroic Girl (9) Saves Baby From Drowning,” by
Allison Bray, the girl (Alannah) goes out of her way and swims to the bottom of the pool and back to safety with the baby in one arm. Someone else would have panicked, but Alannah portrayed compassion. A compassionate person is observant­ always looking out for someone­ while others can be thoughtless, unaware, or inattentive. Alannah’s heroic trait is shared with another perspective man named Brad Shearer. From the article, “Teen Trapped in SUV for 18
Hours Saved by Stranger’s Heroic Courtesy,” by Sasha Brown­ Worsham, B.W. writes,
“Sometimes they [heroes] are people who go above and beyond the normal course of human action and they stumble upon something.” Brad sprang into action and thought beyond the

mundane to save Brooke Spence, the teen trapped in the car. He started small by becoming a military criminal investigator and literary kept his eyes open for a great opportunity. To put other’s needs before their own is a humbling experience and requires conscious effort.
The major difference between an altruistic person and a hero is usually their conscious effort to give up something so others can be better off. Tollefson mentions in his article, “What are they [heroes] willing to live and die for?” To be a hero they may have to risk losing their free time, social status, economic advantage, wealth, comfort, security, or even their life. They are going to have to give up something personal to achieve something greater. In Tollefson’s article he talks about Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. and their willingness to die for their rights as human beings. In another situation, the book, “Divergent”,written by Veronica Roth, mentions the main character, Tris, demonstrating strong will. After she chooses to become one of the other factions, Tris is almost kicked out. Tris’s strong will keeps her moving forward, becoming stronger and first in her class. The sacrifice a hero faces will grow harder to make before seeming easier, but eventually they will overcome. The circumstances are the same for a man named Myles Kerr who gave up his place in a 5k run to support a boy who became separated from his group. Alyssa Newcomb and her article, “ Michigan Marine Finishes 5K Race With
Boy Who Fell Behind,” says, “The pair stuck together for the rest of the race, with Kerr motivating the boy to keep striding towards the finish line,” and, “They crossed the finish line just shy of the 35­