Essay about He’s Just Not That Into You: Interpersonal Communication

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It is impossible to get through life without communicating. Better interpersonal communication skills help us success in different aspects of our life. He’s just not that into you is the movie that I will analyze. In this movie, there are nine main characters and they live intertwine with one another either by being a friend, a couple, friend of a friend. In this paper, I will explore how Gigi is using interpersonal communication on the evolution of personal relationship; and how she applies better communication skills in her relationship with others. Terms that I will apply and analyze in the films are: Perception, stereotype, mind reading, prototype, verbal communication, and the ambiguous of language, the abstract of language, …show more content…
In romantic culture, if other person initiated the hug and said it was nice to meeting you at the end of the date; it means the date is blowoff. For Gigi, she doesn’t familiar with the romantic culture context which causes her misunderstanding by the ambiguous of languages. The end of friendship with Alex is because of Gigi’s ineffective listening and her use of non-verbal communication. As a date consular of Gigi, Alex continues to assist her to recognize the verbal or non-verbal signal from her dates. Once Gigi and Alex become closer, Gigi commits another listening error by selectively listening to Alex’s messages, misinterpreting them for romantic interest. She also uses non-verbal communication to express her feeling to Alex. According to Wood (2004), “Our eyes can shoot daggers of danger, issue challenges, express skepticism, or radiate love.” (p. 100) eye contact refers to kinesics which is defined by Wood as “body position and body motion, including those of the face.” (p.100) Beside, she concludes that one of the ineffective listening is selective listening, which is:
…involves focusing only on particular parts of communication” and “one form of selective listening is focusing only in communication that interests us or corresponds to our opinion and feelings. (p. 125)
Gigi starts to rewind every “love signs”. She emphasizes the first called he said “Good to hear from you.” And then the second